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NEVER EVER Rent from All County Property Management. They are *** and lazy.

I have unfortunately lived here for 2 yrs. I had no choice at the time I was a waitress and going to school and raising 3 kids all at the same time. Rent is cheap. I've complained to the above Leasing/Realty agency several times about my "condo" being unfit.

Meaning, MY fridge gets hot and cold so I have tons of waste :-( the fridge leaks which floods my kitchen, my condo has 11 different mold spores, I bought my own kit and sent it off to be tested, I've had an infestation of ants and bee's in 2011, my condo almost caught on fire because of faulty wiring on the thermostat, I CANNOT open any of my windows because my windows are BOLTED SHUT, others I've talked to have the same or similar issues.

Does this company care? *** NO!!!

I've reported them to several agencies and of course nothing gets done or progresses, i get the blame. I have several copies of my maintence requests and yet i'm told I NEVER put them in.

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